Those Darn Notifications

 Ever get tired of those pop-up notifications in the top right corner.  I sure do.  Take charge of those, open System Preferences, and then click Notifications.  Go down the list and turn off any or all.  Your life will be much more peaceful.  Mine is.

Become a MacBook Air screenshot pro

 We all know MacBooks can do screenshots.  Well, did you know....... Command - Shift - 5 opens the screen shot menu. The menu looks like this, a gray bar floating in the middle of your screen. Click on the various icons.  The Options menu has some neat features.  Explore the features, they are pretty easy to understand.  Once you have made your choices, click the Capture button, wala!

Add citations and a bibliography

  You can add citations and a bibliography to your document in MLA, APA, or Chicago (author-date) style with Google Docs. See how here.

Talk to your MacBook Air

 Fingers getting tired?  Enable Voice Control on your MacBook and let your voice do the work. Read this article.  Voice Control on MacBook

Teach and learn practical digital skills.

 Free video training to learn the digital skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

What's new in Google Meet

Google recently updated Google Meet with features like hand raising, breakout rooms, the ability to accept knocks in bulk, and more. Learn more about new updates in Meet that can save you time, keep students engaged, and give you more control over your classes.

How Students can install browser Extensions

 Browser extensions can add functionality to Chrome.  Check out this document on steps to install "allowed" Chrome extensions on your MacBook.