Re-Opening previously closed tabs

 Safari makes it easy to re-open a previously closed tab.  Just hold down the control button when clicking on the + (new tab).

Internet speed test

 If web pages are loading slowly, try opening a new tab and going to If your speed shows 20~30, that's a decent connection.  If it shows 50~60, that's a good connection. This will help you determine if your slow problem is just with the site your are on.   Maybe that website is down.  Check that by going to  and typing in the web address of the site you are trying to reach. If both those things fail, put down your device and go for a walk.

Pearson TestNav for ISASP testing for MacBooks

Students will use TestNav for testing. This program can be found in your Applications Folder. Once the program is launched, there is a built in "App check" that will make sure the application can launch correctly, and connect to the online test server.  The App check can be run before the student logs in.

Silence background noise in Google Meet

 There is an easy way to use Google AI to cancel background noise when you are in a Google Meet.  The cancels background noise from your microphone, so it will mute your background noise for other people in the Google Meet.  Just click on the three dots in the lower right corner, and click "Settings" Click on 'Audio", and turn on noise cancellation.

Adobe Creative Cloud

 All West Central Valley High School students have access to the complete Adobe Cloud Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, LightRoom and more.  Ask Kevin to help you get started installing these programs on your MacBook.

Keyboard trick

 One way to speed up your typing skills is to use "text replace".  To start using text replace, open System Preferences > Keyboard > and click the "Text" tab. Here you can add keyboard shortcuts to things you type often.  Try it, you'll like it.